Are you struggling to spend time with God?

Today is the day to grow deeper in your relationship with him. 

He Gently Leads You is an online ministry inspired by Isaiah 40:11 and authored by Sandra Bretschneider. Our mission is to encourage and equip moms to spend consistent time with the Lord by providing free Bible studies.

Personal Testimonies:

“This ministry always encourages me to refocus, pull closer to our Father and get deeper into his Word. It is so refreshing to read about real life struggles and how to apply the meaningful truth of Scripture to this uphill Christian journey.” - Stacy from Tennessee

“The Bible studies provide refreshing insight to Biblical truth.” - Nancy from Michigan

“The studies focus on the Word as our source of strength. They’re encouraging because the strength to get through the difficult times always comes from depending on Christ and dwelling on his promises.” - Rebekah from Hawaii