About This Ministry

A bit about He Gently Leads You


There's just something about sitting down with a cup of coffee and spending time in the Word. 

I love these moments. I love to linger in study and prayer while I sip my coffee. 

Before my children, it seemed as if these moments were plentiful. Then, I had my oldest daughter, and life changed. My transition into motherhood was challenging. Not only did I struggle with my new role as “Mommy”, I struggled to spend consistent time with God. Instead of adapting my quiet time to this new season of life, I neglected it.

My oldest daughter was about a year old when I finally learned to pursue God with whatever time and energy I had. Now, life is very different for me. As a mom of three young girls, I have learned to put aside my “to do” list, ignore a messy house, and sacrifice sleep to spend time with God. But let me tell you—it's hard! Part of the battle, though, is having direction in my quiet time. When I have a plan of what to study, I'm consistent. 

He Gently Leads You is an online ministry that developed out of my many struggles as a new mom. It's a place where moms are encouraged and equipped to spend consistent time in God's Word. Unlike typical blogs, He Gently Leads You provides free Bible studies. These are available as free downloads in the Library of Downloads page. To gain access to these free Bible studies and other valuable resources, please subscribe here.

Of course, I understand free studies are just the beginning. My heartfelt desire is for you to cultivate Bible study skills and flourish in your understanding and application of God's powerful Word.

Whether you join me for one week or a few months, my prayer is that you would be thoroughly equipped to spend consistent time in God's Word.

May the joy of God's presence be with you today!

Love you, Sister!


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